Satella Tsushins


My neighbor gave me this rainy Sunday morning a package. It contained, besides two Professor Layton-OSTs and a prototype of Hebereke's Popoon, five Satella Tsushins. I will scan them ASAP, but for now, some photos will hopefully do it, too.


Roght click and choose "show image" to see them in their original resolution.

Treasure Conflix, Part 1:

Treasure Conflix, Part 2:

Treasure Conflix, Part 3 + left index finger:

Rad Dreamers, Part 1:

Rad Dreamers, Part 2:


Far East of Eden Zero Announcement(?)


Mario & Toad Weirdness:

UNDAKE30, and some Picross game (blurry shot, sorry)


RPG Tsukuru Contest(?)


Terranigma & Dragon Quest

Terranigma and Same Game




Terranigma, Tactics Ogre and others:


Chrono Trigger:


Terrangima ad:




These tsushins are structured in this way: First some general game news (about games that later became legendary, like SD3, Tactics Ogre and stuff... all in all there is quite a lot about Tactics Ogre), then some

movie stuff (some US-movies are always on a certain page, always some at least R-rated movies, like Species, Die Hard, Natural Born Killers), half a dozen pages with photos of Seiyus(?), two dozens pages with broadcast tables (one day a page), some random weird stuff (awkward comics and some other petrifying bizarreness) and a few reports about Satellaview-Games (nothing caught my eye that I didn't knew on the first view, especially those things were reviewed that we count as the best of the service, like Radical Dreamers or Treasure Conflix).

Besides this, I found two screenshots on these pages I want to discuss with you:

Chrono Trigger

I'm not very sure about this, but I don't think this scene/room is in the released game (I never played through CT, yet. Forgive me, I'm a total PAL-Hans). This seems to be Crono, Marle and Lucca fighting six Nus. Have there ever been so many enemies in one battle in the final game!? The room seems to be the interior of a 600 AD / 1000 AD house. The light orange square you see at the left side is an open book.

EDIT: This is not a Beta-Shot! But it shows a well hidden room in Chrono Trigger. Thanks to ChronoMoogle who posted this at ChronoCompendium, and a big thanks to ZeaLitY of ChronoCompendium who gave the correct hint! This is a hidden room in Enhasa. You can see it on this still I took from a Youtube-Video by Hell616:



This looks like the interior of the great tree, the first Overworld dungeon. I can't remember that the wolf beasts were there? Furthermore, it irritates me that the player got down there with such a low level... whatever.

Once again, I was wrong. The low level and the wolf beasts are totally normal, as you can see on this Let's Play screenshot:

I would love to get a full translation of these articles...

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