A Morning with... Gokinjo Boukentai

This game suxgz.

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A Morning with... Sim City (SNES)

Unfinished business, heh?

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An Evening with... Sim City (SNES)

Here the results of me playing around with Sim City.

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Status Sep/2014

Status report for September 2014.

Statusreport für September 2014.

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Disassemble Blog: Ihatovo Monogatari, Stunde 174

Stunde 174
Disassembled: 478.085 / 1.048.576 Bytes (45,594%)
Gehört: Mitch Murder - Selection One, Mitch Murder - In the News (Nite Sprite Future Drive Remix)

Urlaub, und noch dazu Wetter, dass zwar nicht deutlich unter 20°c, aber wenigstens bewölkt ist. Mensch, vielleicht kann ich ja noch was bei Ihatovo reißen!

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Status Aug/2014

Status report for August 2014.

Statusreport für August 2014.

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Disassemble Blog: Ihatovo Monogatari, Stunde 173

Stunde 173
Disassembled: 478.085 / 1.048.576 Bytes (45,594%)
Gehört: Mitch Murder - Selection One, Mitch Murder - In the News (Nite Sprite Future Drive Remix)

Meine Güte, wie ich aufblühe, wenn es mal wieder bewölkt, windig und unter 20°c ist! Das muss gefeiert werden! Das muss genutzt werden!

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K-Pax is a great movie.

And in case you wondered, here is what Bess's letter reads (so far I could see it on my DVD, maybe I could see more on a Bluray...?)

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Auntie Pixelante's "Redder"

A short review of a wellmade game that is wellmade and awesome and nice.

Eine kurze Review zu einem gut gemachten Spiel, das gut gemacht und klasse und nett ist.

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Status Jul/2014

Status report for July 2014.

Statusreport für Juli 2014.

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Askiisoft's "Tower of Heaven" and "Pause ahead"

Short reviews of wellmade games I don't want to play anymore in my entire life.

Kurze Reviews zu gut gemachten Spielen, die ich in meinem ganzen Leben nicht mehr spielen will.

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My comment on the ending of "Red Spectacles" (1987)

Here's a short comment/interpretation of the ending of Mamoru Oshii's 1987 live action movie "The Red Spectacles".

Discussing the ending of a movie implies that this is HEAVY SPOILERING till there's nothing left, so if you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend to watch it first. At the moment the whole movie is uploaded on a famous video distributing website (not THAT famous video distributing website, but another one; if you have no clue which this could be, here I give you a gaily notion). I am a fan of Jin Roh, it's not only my favorite anime (which isn't that hard coz animeh suxz), but my favorite movie, and this movie did not disappoint me in any way. So, if you like artsy movies with a dark tone, ambivalent images and the philosophy to trust in the viewers that they figure out a bit on themselves, this movie is right for you! Go, watch it now! Awesome stuff! Highly recommended!


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Sympathy for the manafreak #8: A Spin and a Slide and the land is ours

I'M BAAAAAAAAAAACK... earlier than expected. Why do I do these things in English, by the way, if you're a Germ-Man like me, manafreak!?

This time it's about... Tilemap compression!


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DISASSEMBLE HOUR GIVEAWAY #012: Cyber Doll (Sega Saturn)

Used MopoZ's DisSat to disassemble some stuff from the main code file (file "0" without file extension in the main directory), had some help from FAST6191 on the whole Saturn issue and commented some lines. The comments just explain what the lines do, because I'm still totally unfamiliar with the look and the commands of the SuperH processors.

Here's the result that isn't one:

012-cyber doll disass.zip


Made the basics, where they buffer their palettes and stuff. Did you know that they poll the data of four joypads? I don't even know if Sunset Riders has a four-player-mode, but I highly doubt that. Well, at least they tried.

011-sunset riders rom ram map.zip