Game Idea - Code Name "Day Dreamin' Davey"

This is an idea for a game that I had today (Jan 23rd). And it has nothing to do with the NES game "Day Dreamin' Davey". PS: You see, it took me a while to finish this.

Das hier ist eine Idee für ein Spiel, die ich heute (23. Jan) hatte. Und es hat nichts mit dem NES-Spiel "Day Dreamin' Davey" zu tun. PS: Wie man sieht hat es eine Weile gedauert, bis ich es fertig hatte.

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Ein Eindruck von "The Midnight Station"

Ich hatte viel Spaß mit einem PC-Spiel von 2014, das gerne ein ZX-Spectrum-Spiel wäre. Wie, warum und weshalb möchte ich erklären, und alle anderen dazu anhalten, dem Spiel auch mal eine Chance zu geben.

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Secret of Evermore - Compendium

Alright, here it is, the first version of my Secret of Evermore compendium, a collection of development stories, information about pre-release version features, known bugs/glitches and other stuff.

I started this as a list of glitches seen in Metasigma's Evermore speedruns, but when this grew more and more, I included other sources that contain information about the creation of the game, so see this as a compendium, something like the Definitive-Ressource-stuff I started for Secret of Mana (in German). Yet, this is a first version, and though I spend a lot of time on this, there are certain things I haven't finished - I didn't watch all of Metasigma's videos on Twitch for information, though I tried (I began with the oldest and came to his first sub-1:30 video), I didn't finish to read the Speed Demos Archive thread about the game, and, of course, there are so many video game magazines I haven't read that might contain alpha screenshots, interviews or concept art that are missing here.

So, if anyone wants to help:

If you are a member of the Original Staff, feel free to write down any anecdote about your time at Square. Everything, even the shortest comment on the most vague inspiration source or most boring story to the scrawliest doodle, is apprechiated.

If you are a speedrunner, feel free to add any glitch I have forgotten or point out what I got wrong. Anything helps. It would be great if you could add some kind of video source or anything, I just want to make sure to fall victim to a troll and publish some unproven claims (hence the category).

If you are anybody else: Feel free to help! If you found a website I haven't integrated, if you have a scan of a video game mag I haven't mentioned, or anything, please leave a comment and get in touch with me!

A final few thank yous: Thank you Peter Fries that you didn't ignore my tenthousand nitpicky questions! Thank you Clayton Kauzlaric for the development notebook shots (how about some more? ;D)! THANK YOU Jeremy Soule for writing that music (can you do some more of that, too? ;D). And, last but not least, thanks to MetaSigma for the hours of entertainment, all the information, and all the flexes. May Luna be with you!

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Another Satellaview ad(?) transscribed


This one was tweeted yesterday by @gamgazo and retweeted by Kiddo. There are kanji missing in my transcription, as usual.

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Translated Secret of Evermore Article in Club Nintendo (July 1995)

A pre-release article about Secret of Evermore, released in the German Club Nintendo magazine. Don't expect anything.

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Even more from Sim City (SNES)

Prices! I'm lookin' for the prices! (Sim City (U) ROM used)

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A small look into Thoroughbred Breeder II

I took the standard (J) ROM.

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A small look into Harvest Moon


I took the German ROM.

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A small look into Tetris & Dr. Mario

... and an Open Letter to Derek Alexander, formerly known as The Happy Video Game Nerd.

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A small look into Micro Machines

Took the "Micro Machines (E)"-ROM.

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A small look into Actraiser

I keep the talk in between as short as possible. I took the unheadered "Actraiser (U) [!]".

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Yoshitsune Densetsu article (Unreleased SNES Game)

先ず: ありがとうございます, chou_nosuke!

First of all: Thank you, chou_nosuke!

Zunächst einmal: Vielen Dank, chou_nosuke!

(Original Tweets: 1, 2, 3)

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Japanese Metroid article

Another Twitter theft! Go to the original tweet to fave and retweet it!

Noch ein Twitter-Diebstahl! Geh zum Originaltweet, um ihn zu favorisieren und zu retweeten!

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Japanese SNES CD-ROM article

Nevermore shall I post scanned VG mags here! From now on, I'll steal them from tweets!

Nimmermehr will ich gescannte VG-Mags hier posten! Von nun an werde ich sie aus Tweets klauen!

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"BS Bounty Sword"!? Satellaview Article in Famitsu 329

Okay, what's this all about? I found another scan on my HDD, this time from the Famitsu 329, page 111 (Apr 7th, 1995). This article is mainly about what different third party developers think about the Satellaview (and programming for it, in particular). What caught my interest was a screen of Bounty Sword (which was not released at that time, it was released in September, as I mentioned before, so this, too, is a pre-release screenshot).

I ask ChronoMoogle to translate please at least the bold sentences. I transcribed the fewest of the comments, if some of the companies are of interest, I can add them later.

Please, please, please, Moogle! ;)

ChronoMoogle was so kind to translate the biggest part of it. Thanks Moogle! :)

Okay, worum geht's? Ich habe einen weiteren Scan auf meiner Festplatte gefunden, dieses mal aus der Famitsu 329, Seite 111 (7. Apr 1995). Dieser Artikel geht hauptsächlich darum, was verschiedene Third-Party-Entwickler über das Satellaview denken (und im Speziellen über das Programmieren für das Ding). Was meine Aufmerksamkeit einnahm, war ein Screenshot von Bounty Sword (das zu diesem Zeitpunt noch nicht veröffentlich war, es wurde im September veröffentlicht, wie ich zuvor erwähnt habe, somit ist auch das hier ein Pre-Release-Screenshot).

Ich bitte ChronoMoogle, zumindest die fettgedruckten Sätze zu übersetzen. Ich habe die wenigsten der Kommentare abgeschrieben, wenn einige der Firmen von Interesse sind, kann ich die Später hinzufügen.

Bitte, bitte, bitte, Moogle! ;)

ChronoMoogle war so nett und übersetzte den größten Teil. Danke Moogle! :)

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